Our Philosophy

For many companies success is about how much money they make. For People Power Union success consists in how many lives we can help to be truly better. “Never Over Pay Again”.

What makes us different?

PEOPLE POWER UNION the only company that checks your sales contract before you sign this time you will take home a dream. Not a nightmare

Why trust us?

Luis Canales creator and C.E.O. Of this company has more than 15 years of experience working in the largest car dealers with sales exceeding more than 1,000 cars monthly knows every step of the most difficult part during your purchase "the negotiation". He started as a salesman, F & I Manager, Sales Manager, and GM. All those years of experience of how the dealers take a lot of money out of you is now in your hands. The # 1 reason to give us your trust is our promise "Never Over Pay Again".